Air Quality Services

A healthy indoor climate is more than quality heating in cold months and quality cooling in warm months.
It is also quality air, all year long.
Kowalski delivers indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions that remove pollutants and fill your home with clean, fresh air – which makes a huge difference in your environment and your well-being. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems We Service

We’re experts in determining the type of IAQ solution your home needs, and installing it for a custom fit.

Kowalski has been helping homeowners in McMurray and the South Hills of Pittsburgh improve their indoor air for years – since long before air quality became a trending topic.

We help you sort through all the options and the hype to deliver the best, most practical IAQ solution for your family:


Whole-Home Air Purifiers
Whole-Home Ventilation Systems
Whole-Home Humidifiers
Whole-Home Dehumidifiers
Custom Air Quality Solutions

Learn more about the different systems that can improve the air quality in your home.

Benefits of Kowalski Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The IAQ solutions we install offer the following advantages:

A Broad Range of Protection

With our IAQ solutions, you can minimize all the components of indoor air pollution: particles, germs, harmful chemicals, and excess moisture.

Cost Effectiveness

Better indoor air shouldn’t be a luxury item. Our IAQ systems are a fraction of the cost of an overall HVAC system, and we install and customize them at a fair price.

No By-Products

Lesser quality and older IAQ solutions can produce ozone. While it isn’t usually harmful in small quantities, we install top-notch IAQ solutions that do not produce ozone at all.

Our IAQ systems also benefit your physical health, peace of mind, and wallet. Here’s how:

They Reduce Allergens
They Kill Germs
They Neutralize Chemicals
They Decrease Household Odors
They Circulate and Freshen Air
They Reduce Energy and Repair Costs
They Preserve Your Floors, Finishes, and Furnishings

Indoor Air Quality Product Installation

If you’re considering an IAQ solution for your home, Kowalski can guide you through every step of the process.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us to improve your indoor air:

Thorough Testing of Your Indoor Air Quality
Personal Consultation
Industry Expertise
A Custom Solution

Do You Need an Indoor Air Quality Solution?

There are some signs that you do:

Continuous Allergy Symptoms
Sudden Snoring
Lingering Unpleasant or Chemical Odors
A Stuffy or Humid Home
Mold or Mildew
Surfaces that Collect Lots of Dust
Window Condensation
Peeling Paint or Warping Wood

Indoor Air Quality Products

Kowalski offers the very best in air quality for your home, including all the latest products, accessories, and controls.

Breathe Freely and Confidently with Kowalski

Trust us to bring perfectly clean, healthy, and fresh air to your home.