Heating Services

You want reliable, affordable, even heat from a system that fits your home and stands the test of time.
That’s our specialty.
Kowalski installs, replaces, repairs, and maintains all  types of furnaces and heating systems in McMurray and across the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Heating Systems We Service

We’re experts in the variety of ways you can heat your home.
Furnaces (Forced Air Distribution)
Boilers (Radiator Distribution)
Heat Pumps
Hybrid Heating (Furnace+Heat Pump)
Ductless Mini-Splits
Radiant Heating
Baseboard Heating (Electric or Hydronic)

Fuel Sources

We work with the full range of fuel sources available to Pittsburghers. If you’re looking to switch fuel types or add one to your heating system, we’ll help you make that happen.

Natural Gas
Geothermal Energy

Heating Installation and Replacement

If you’re considering a new heating system, we’ll get you a perfect fit.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Kowalski to install or replace your HVAC system:

A Full Environmental Assessment
Deep Expertise
A Custom Solution
Elegant Design
Meticulous Workmanship

Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace or Other Heating System?

There are some signs it’s time:

High Utility Costs
Uneven Heat
The Age of Your System
Too Many Repairs
Flu-Like Symptoms

Heating Repair

If your furnace or other heating system is not operating as it should, we can help.

Here’s what we deliver in every heating repair project:

Expert diagnosis

We’re thorough and precise in determining the causes, symptoms, and outcomes of any problem with your HVAC.

Fair, honest advice

We tell you exactly what we find and recommend the most practical, safe, and cost-effective repair. If we don’t find anything, or can’t recommend a fix, we’ll tell you that too.

Fast, dependable fixes

We treat your issue with the urgency it demands. We can usually schedule a visit within a few days (sooner if it’s an emergency), and finish repairs in a few hours.

Do You Need to Repair Your Furnace or Other Heating System?

If you’re seeing any of the following, your heating system probably needs attention:

Mismatched Thermostat and Temperature
Too-Short or Too-Long Heating Cycles
Strange Noises
Strange Smells

Heating Maintenance

Your heat is essential. It’s also supplied by a complex mechanical system that runs often and works hard.

We offer a once-a-year inspection and tune-up service to make sure your heat is always good to go.

Our heating maintenance services cover everything below:

Furnace Components

● Gas valve
● Pilot light
● Burners
● Flame sensor
● Blower, including the motor and chamber
● Plenums
● Heat exchanger

Air Flow

● Filters
● Vents and registers
● Ductwork
● Carbon monoxide levels
● Temperature rise


● Thermostat
● Control panel
● Safety shut-offs


● Gas line
● Flue venting
● All electrical wiring

Boiler Components

● Burners
● Combustion chamber
● Expansion tank
● Aquastat
● Safety relief valve
● Low water cutoff

A Full Cleaning

We clean your heating system and all its components to remove soot, mold, dust, and debris.

Make Sure You Always Have Heat When You Need It

Our Maintenance Plan gives you peace of mind that each time you turn on your heat, it’s there for you – across Pittsburgh storms, freezes, seasons, and years.

Heating Products

Kowalski offers the very best in heating systems for your home and business, including all products, accessories, and controls.

Heat Your Home with Kowalski

Give us your next A/C project, and never worry about it again.