Cooling Services

Custom Air Conditioning in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

If your air conditioning isn’t performing well – or if you don’t have A/C at all  –  Kowalski is here to help.

We design, install, repair, and replace air conditioning solutions with top-quality products, custom fittings, personal attention, and the best team in Pittsburgh.

Get your air conditioning running again, or upgrade it to a system that’s worthy of your home.

Air Conditioning Systems We Service

We’re experts in all of the A/C systems available today.

The options for cooling your home are always changing, We constantly evaluate the pros and cons of different A/C solutions so we can match them perfectly to you.

Central A/C (Split and Packaged Systems)
Ductless Mini-Splits
Heat Pumps (Hybrid Dual Fuel)
Geothermal Systems

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

If you need to install A/C or replace an aging system, we’re ready to get started. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

A Full-Site Survey
Deep Expertise
A Custom Solution
Elegant Design
Meticulous Workmanship

Do You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning?

There are some signs it’s time:

The Age of Your System
Utility Costs
Weak Air Flow
Short Cycling
Excessive Moisture
Too Many Repairs

Air Conditioning Repair

If your A/C is not performing like you need it to, we can help you discover and fix the problem.

Here’s what we deliver in every A/C repair:

Expert Diagnosis

A/C systems are intricate, and tied to many other systems in your home. Our holistic diagnostic approach enables us to determine the root causes and impacts of the A/C symptoms you’re seeing.

Fair, Honest Advice

We’re transparent about what we find regarding your A/C, and conservative and practical about the solutions we recommend. We’re committed to containing your costs, not artificially hiking them.

Fast, Dependable Fixes

We treat your A/C issue with the urgency it demands. We can usually schedule a visit within a few days (sooner if it’s an emergency), and finish repairs in a few hours.

Do You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioning?

The following signs could mean your A/C needs attention:

Constant Running
Reduced Air Flow, or Hot Air
Uneven Cooling
Loud Noises
Unpleasant Smells

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Kowalski is here to make sure you have reliable, responsive A/C when you need it.

Our A/C system maintenance plan includes a once-a-year inspection and tune-up to find and fix wear and tear, clogs, damage from pests or storms, dirt buildup, and other hazards.

Routine fixes are included with maintenance, while more extensive repairs require an additional service call.

Our A/C maintenance services cover everything below:

A/C Equipment

● Compressor
● Condenser unit and coils
● Fan
● Evaporator coil and drain lines
● Drip pan
● Plenums
● Blower
● Air handler

Air Flow

● Filters
● Vents and registers
● Cold air return duct
● Ductwork and transitions
● Refrigerant pressure
● Carbon monoxide levels


● Thermostat
● Control panel
● Safety shut-offs


● Gas line
● Liquid refrigerant line
● Electrical connections

A Full Cleaning

We clean your outdoor and indoor A/C equipment, and clean or replace all filters.

Protect Your Investment in Air Conditioning

A Maintenance Plan ensures your air conditioner’s peak performance throughout its lifetime.

Air Conditioning Products

Kowalski offers the very best in A/C for your home and business, including all products, accessories and controls.

Cool Your Home with Kowalski

Give us your next A/C project, and never worry about it again.