Commercial HVAC and
Plumbing Services

At Kowalski, we are commercial and industrial heating, cooling, and plumbing experts.
We install and service the systems that supply heat, air, and water to the spaces where people work, learn, visit, or stay in Pittsburgh – from small shops to large, multi-building sites:


Office buildings ● Apartment buildings ● Hospitals, clinics, and labs ● Schools and colleges ● Senior living facilities ● Daycare centers ● Churches ● Gyms ● Retail establishments ● Hotels ● Restaurants ● Factories and warehouses


Why Kowalski for Commercial Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing?

Pittsburgh offers a lot of options for companies that handle HVAC or plumbing in commercial properties.

Here’s why to choose Kowalski:

Exceptional Design

We customize products and their connections for a tailored fit, ensuring that the systems we install respond well to the demands of a space and its occupants.

Top Quality Products

We install and service HVAC and plumbing brands that offer energy efficiency, durability, and elegance to our commercial clients.

Project Coordination

With HVAC and plumbing expertise together in house, we make projects move faster. We minimize wait times and friction among dependent phases.

Contractor Relationships

We’ve earned the trust of Pittsburgh’s builders, developers, vendors, suppliers, property managers, and other professionals.

Let’s talk about your commercial HVAC or plumbing project.

Commercial HVAC Services We Provide

Kowalski is experienced in the complexity and evolving technology of commercial HVAC systems. We know their modularity, upgrade options, zoning demands, controls, power usage, vast networks of connections, placement considerations, and mechanisms for air quality and ventilation.

In buildings of all types, we install commercial HVAC systems that are:


They can be extended or upgraded over time with minimal disruption to the activities inside the building.

Seamlessly Integrated

They’re installed with custom connections and fittings for peak performance in both old and new buildings.


They deliver varied and precise outputs to a large, distributed population.

Energy Efficient

They run quietly and cost-effectively with minimal carbon footprint. If green is your goal, Kowalski is your partner.

Easily Operated

They have modern, smart controls that allow automated settings and transitions.

Commercial HVAC Diagnostics
Commercial HVAC Repairs and Maintenance
Commercial Air Quality System Installation and Maintenance

Need a partner for your commercial HVAC?

Commercial Plumbing Services We Provide

Commercial plumbing requires expertise in the demands of high-volume water usage, all day, every day.

Kowalski is the expert commercial plumber you need. Whether you’re opening a new location or renovating an old one, we’re your partner for keeping the water flowing freely yet securely.

Here are the commercial plumbing services we deliver: 

Commercial Plumbing Installation and Replacement
Commercial Piping and Drainage
Commercial Hot Water
Leak Detection and Repair

Need help with your commercial plumbing?

Outfit Your Commercial Space with Pittsburgh's Best in Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.