Emergency Services


24/7 Emergency Services for Your Heat, Air, and Plumbing in the South Hills of Pittsburgh 


Call Kowalski at


Our 412 number also accepts texts.

When you need emergency services for your HVAC or plumbing, we respond fast. Especially when Pittsburgh is experiencing extreme heat, cold, or storms.

After daytime hours, or when call volume is high, you may need to leave a message. We will return your call right away.

We are 100% committed to your safety.

For Heat and Air Emergencies, Try This First

It’s possible you don’t have an emergency. Here’s what to do before you call:

Check Your Thermostat

Your unit may be turned off, or the temperature may be set to a very high or low degree that hasn’t triggered a cycle.

Check Your Circuit Box

A breaker may have been tripped. Setting it back to its “on” position may restore power to your furnace or air conditioner.

Check Your Filters

Dirty air filters are often the reason why your HVAC isn't working. You may need a filter replacement rather than emergency services.

If none of these is the problem, and you don’t have heat or air in extreme temperatures,
call us at 724-745-7404 or 412-952-5923.

Pricing for Emergency Services

Emergency Service Call: $299

Includes an expert technician and the first hour of work on your emergency.

Each Additional Hour: $135/hour

We work fast, especially in emergencies. For any work required beyond the first hour, a charge per additional hour may apply.

Any Parts Required: Additional

We provide high quality parts at fair prices. For most common emergencies, we'll have the parts with us already - no need to order and wait.

Heat, Air, and Plumbing Emergencies We Service

If you are experiencing any of the following,
call us at 724-745-7404 or 412-952-5923:

Heating System Failure
Air Conditioner Failure
Smoke or Sparks from Your HVAC Unit or Vents
Refrigerant Leaks
Frozen, Bursting, or Near Bursting Pipes
Water Overflow or Backup
No Hot Water

Prevent HVAC and Plumbing Emergencies Before They Start

Kowalski cares for and maintains your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems so that they don’t fail you, especially when it counts.

We deliver emergency services, and all your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs, fast.

Call us at
724-745-7404 or