Maintenance Plans

Protect Your Investment in Your HVAC System

Get regular tune-ups for your furnace and air conditioning with an HVAC maintenance plan from Kowalski.

Why an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Good question.

When you’ve invested in a quality HVAC system, you may think a maintenance plan is unnecessary.

But your HVAC is a powerful system of machinery and technology that runs all year round. Without regular care, it ages more quickly and breaks more often.

Our HVAC Maintenance Plan does all of the following to give you reliable heating and cooling:

Extends the life of your HVAC system

With routine maintenance, your system can run smoothly up to and even beyond its lifespan. Without maintenance, your system’s life expectancy drops dramatically.

Validates your warranty

The warranty for many HVAC products remains valid only with regular maintenance.

Minimizes repairs and emergencies

HVAC checkups mean that you catch issues before they become breakdowns.

Keeps your air clean

Quality HVAC maintenance includes replacing filters to keep your system clog-free, and to freshen the air circulating in your home.

Ensures your safety

A deteriorating HVAC system is not just inconvenient, but potentially dangerous. Tune-ups and cleaning eliminate the risks of neglect.

Saves you money

Regular maintenance preserves your HVAC efficiency, which lowers your heating and cooling costs.

How HVAC Maintenance Plans work

Personalized HVAC maintenance is easy with Kowalski. You can set it up in five (or fewer!) steps:

Step 1

Complete our Request an Estimate form, or call us at 724-745-7404.

Step 2

Most of the time, we can skip right to Step 4!

However, we may need more detail about your HVAC products. In that case we'll schedule a visit to your home.

Step 3

If we are visiting you first, we’ll assess your HVAC equipment and environment, talk with you about your expectations, and answer all your questions.

Step 4

We'll create a tailored Maintenance Plan for your specific HVAC system.

The plan details a regular schedule for servicing all your HVAC equipment and keeping it in top condition.

Step 5

Each time you’re due for your regular maintenance, we’ll notify you via email, text, or phone that it’s time to schedule.

Typically, we service heating systems in the fall and air conditioning systems in the spring. But we’ll develop a maintenance plan that works best for you.

Maintenance On Demand

If you prefer a single Clean-and-Check service rather than recurring maintenance, we can do that at the following prices:

Per oil furnace,
Per visit

Per other type of furnace,
Per visit

Additional pricing
If you have HVAC products beyond a single furnace and air conditioner, we add those to your service.

We discuss all pricing with you and get your approval up front.

Get started today for a cleaner, higher-performing HVAC system.