Kowalski in the News on Rising A/C Demand

As southwestern Pennsylvania – along with the entire country – experiences rising A/C demand, the Observer Reporter reached out to us at Kowalski Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for some information on why

Having served the South Hills of Pittsburgh for more than 30 years, we were honored to be approached for this story. Our mission has always been to provide local homeowners with custom-fit comfort in their interior environment, at a fair price.

As the article explains, we and other local HVAC companies are seeing increased demand for air conditioning. More customers are looking for cooling solutions for a variety of reasons:

  • Pittsburgh temperatures reached the high 80s in late May and early June. Then they climbed into the 90s shortly after that. We usually get those kinds of temperatures a bit later in the summer.
  • Newer ductless air conditioners on the market are better-performing than ever. They give homeowners a lot of flexibility in customized cooling for different areas of their homes. So homeowners are taking advantage of these new options.
  • Many of our customers built their homes 10-20 years ago. Now the entry-level A/C systems installed in those homes are beginning to fail. Homeowners are ready to replace them with higher-quality systems.
  • Forward-thinking homeowners want to get ahead of any further supply chain  slowdowns. Thus, they’re replacing aging air conditioners now. In more predictable times, they might hold off for another year or so.
  • Homeowners with rising utility bills know that newer, more efficient air conditioning systems can offset the high cost of energy.

Regarding those supply chain and energy cost issues, the Observer Reporter article describes how they are impacting rising A/C demand and affecting customers.

At Kowalski, we’ve been able to minimize the impact of those issues on our customers. This summer, we are on track to provide every customer with the air conditioning solution they demand, in a timely fashion. These solutions include repairs, replacements, and upgrades.

There are several reasons for this:

  • We are a Lennox Premier Dealer. This means we have access to top-quality products and exclusive deals that we pass along to customers.
  • We custom build a lot of HVAC infrastructure, such as ductwork transitions and equipment housing, in our own shop. In this way we rely less on prefabricated products.
  • We maintain a high bar in hiring and training. Our team is among the best at keeping A/C units in tiptop shape and restoring failing ones to the closest possible version of their former glory. We don’t leave families in discomfort for long.


Many thanks to the Observer Reporter for reaching out to us for their article on air conditioning demand in our area. We encourage you to read it.

And we’re ready to meet this A/C demand head on! If  your Pittsburgh home is too warm this summer,  contact us. We’ll talk you through any cost and timing issues that you may be concerned about. We think we can come up with a solution you’ll like. We look forward to serving you!


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